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The Copycounter 4 uses the latest infra-red technology to give you:

Copycounter 4 advantages:

Copycounter 4

Count rate:  To 360,000 copies per hour.

Product Range:  Single folded overlapped sheet upwards.

Operating distance:  85mm +/- 20mm.

Minimum overlap:  5mm.

Power supply:  18-39 VDC, 1 volt ripple max., 210mA.

Fusing:  Automatically resets when unit is unplugged. Fusing on both power and signal.

Output signal:  Optoisolated NPN transistor output, 5 to 40VDC. Driving up to 50mA when ON.

Ouput signal width:  5 m/sec, 12 m/sec and variable from 20 to 100 m/sec.
Weight:  550 grams.

Dimensions: length 181mm, height 68mm, width 39.2mm. (25.4mm = 1 inch)

Copycounter 4 QTMS Copycounter 4 side view Copycounter

Simply the best - your only choice for:

"Is there such a thing as a perfect copy counter? I think SSC have finally answered that question. The range and flexibility of the CC4 take it head and shoulders above its competitors, it is capable of working with a wide product range with varying thickness without requiring an operator to adjust angles/heights. Having worked with counters for nearly 20 years, this is one I can thoroughly recommend."

- Craig Fawcett, Operations Manager, Technique at EFI.