Sensor System Consultants Ltd Sensors for the print and packaging industry Spares M12 cables, M12 to Lemo converter CC3 & CC4 mounting block

CABML:  M12 to Lemo converter cable - used when fitting a Copycounter 4 in place of Copycounter 2 or 3.

CABMx:  M12 connector cable for Copycounter 4, screened where x = length required, standards are 3, 5 and 10m - please specify.

CABL5:  5 metre cable with Lemo connector as replacement for the QTMS Copycounter 2 or 3 cables.

MTGBx:  Mounting block in black nylon and screws  for  mounting a Copycounter to a bar or rod across a where x = Copycounter version (2, 3 or 4) - please specify.

Mounting brackets

MBSG:   Standard goal post mounting bracket for Copycounter ¾ inch dia x 1 metre bar is supported by steel 3 x 50mm brackets at either end. Brackets are slotted to allow adjustment of the bar and Copycounter in the vertical plane when setting up.

MBNS:    Non standard mounting brackets for Copycounter made to customer specific requirements. Please issue any drawings as .dwg, .dxf, ,tcw or pdf formats.